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#GBS21 #BI21.3 Property Forum

Wednesday 19th May | 10:00am

Lead Participant

Patrick has multi-sector experience identifying, structuring and delivering portfolio strategies, property transactions, and development programmes thus delivering strategic and commercial outcomes in business environments.

He is a trusted and effective business leader who has a proven record of creating, transforming and maximising organisational performance, driving business growth, geographically, in scale, and profitably. He has an excellent track record in growing teams and systems to ensure client satisfaction.


Housing, Commercial, rail & Infrastructure. Domestic, business, leisure, tourism and travel put demands on Gloucestershire’s property infrastructure. Now Covid-19 has added a significant challenge, climate change and environmental impact have been growing in everyone’s thinking and priority. Our Forum for Gloucestershire Property Professionals discusses how well we are tackling the many issues and where we might improve for the future.

Our property professional’s forum delegates are drawn from private and public sector, planning, investment and strategic roles.

There are 20 tickets available for observers and if you have any questions for the Panel prior to the event, you can email them to (please quote the Event title in your email)

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#GBS21 #BI21.3 Access to Finance Forum

Wednesday 19th May | 10:15am

Lead Participant – Richard Holling, Commercial Finance Advisor, Dales Finance

An experienced business executive with 30 years of business and financial services experience. Richard has worked as a consultant, sales executive and manager for several major international companies.

In 2018 he changed focus and started to work with start-ups and SMEs. In 2019 he formed Berkshire Dales, which offers SMEs advice on getting the right business finance, and other consulting services.


Gloucestershire business is looking at recovery from the most difficult year any of us can remember.

The panel draws together accountancy, banking and specialist advisers in Covid Business Interruption Loans, Business Bounce Back Loans and the Recover Loan scheme.

The UK Government has put an unprecedented amount of business support into the economy in the last year,  as we think about the future and society unlocking, business now starts looking at counting the cost, managing the damage and thinking about the future.

The access to Finance panel will look at these and other issues that are pressing for the Business community as we start to move forward.

As well as our forum panel, there are a number of observer tickets available.  You can also forward any questions you have for the forum to

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#GBS21 #BI21.3 Employment & Skills Forum

Wednesday 19th May | 12:00pm

Lead Participant – Steve ackroyd, The Job Guru

Steve is founder and Owner of The Job Guru, a recruitment business based in Gloucestershire.

Steve understands that a lot of employers haven’t been trained in recruiting and job seekers have rarely been trained in finding a job, he provides a service that bridges the gap, helping SMEs to find and hire the best candidates for themselves.  Steve has experience across a wide range of roles and sectors and tends to work with small technology businesses that have a long or medium term growth plan providing them with strategic recruitment support.

Our employment and skills forum brings together professional trainers and education providers, employers and recruitment professionals in a boardroom table style discussion.

We’ll be looking at the key issues facing Gloucestershire’s employment needs, skills gaps, opportunities, apprenticeships, inclusion, and employer’s needs following a very difficult year.

It will provide an opportunity to benchmark a discussion and focus on the areas that need attention moving forward.

The Discussion is held on the Zoom Digital Platform with our Chair and formal delegates at “The Boardroom Table”.

There are a number of Observer seats available and if you have any questions for the Panel prior to the event, you can email them to (please quote the Event title in your email).

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#GBS21 #BI21.3 Procurement Forum

Wednesday 19th May | 12:15pm

Lead Participant: Steve Bates, Owner, Auditel

Steve is a strategic procurement specialist based in Calne, Wiltshire, UK who helps businesses to improve profits and cash.

He also helps business owners and financial directors to free up time so they can focus on running their businesses.


Goods and services bought in can account for over two thirds of the spend for a Company, the procurement function within businesses is transforming with environment, ethical trading and local purchasing appearing as priorities. Procurement is being asked to step up and lead to solve challenges around supply chain risk, cost control, business continuity and spend visibility.

We will look at procurement trends as we move through 2021.

Bidding for work with clients in Gloucestershire – what are the hot topics? How can Gloucestershire businesses look at engaging wider national and international supply chains?

Sustainability, environment, and ethics. How do clients respond to resilience issues in their supply chains? How important are automation and innovation to the future supply chains?

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#BI21.3 Engineering & Manufacturing Forum

Wednesday 19th May | 2:00pm

Lead Participant: Zoe Darlington, Owner, Pure Improvement

Zoe helps engineering and manufacturing leaders shift from high waste and inefficiency to green & lean in 6 months, embedding sustainability that saves time and money.

She believes that businesses that do good – do good business.

Zoe has over 20 years Continuous Improvement, Quality Improvement and Change Management experience, within the electronics, engineering, aerospace, defence & FMCG sectors. She has a proven track record for delivering cost saving Continuous Improvement and waste reduction.


Sustainability is moving its way up the priority list for a vast number of engineering and manufacturing companies and is seen as a crucial component of maintaining competitive advantage.

environmental sustainability and / or sustainability of economic growth, how can we ensure we adhere to one principle without adversely affecting the other? Can the two objectives be achieved without compromise?  Environmentally sustainable practices are important to a business’s ability to maintain its growth position

So what does this mean for our engineering and manufacturing sector? And what does a company need to bear in mind to ensure it has a sustainable platform? The business insights forum will look at the opportunities and challenges of pursuing a sustainable policy in context of an organisation’s operations.

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#BI21.3 Construction Forum

Wednesday 19th May | 2:15pm

Lead Participant: Gerald Crittle – Group Manager, GCTG

Gerald manages the Gloucestershire Construction Training Group’s (GCTG) Digital Leadership in Construction programme, one of five projects funded by the CITB to help the construction sector adopt digital solutions to improve business performance.

His Business, G-Acceleration, established in 2009, offers practical solutions to help businesses improve productivity and efficiency across the broad spectrum of business sectors.


Our #GBS21 | #BI21.3 – Gloucestershire Construction Forum takes a special focus on workplace learning in the construction sector.

The Forum explores how technology can be used to support workplace learning and development in construction. During the session we will discuss the many different solutions available, including low cost options.

Specifically, this focused construction forum would be appropriate for those working in construction with a responsibility for learning and will include:

  • Owners and managers
  • Managers and heads of departments
  • HR Managers
  • Training managers
  • Suppliers of digital solutions that support learning and development

The event takes place during Learning at Work Week, a national event set up to build learning cultures at work. It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

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#BI21.3 International Trade Forum

Thursday 20th May | 10:00am

Lead Participant: Roger Mackrill, Sabre UK Ltd

Following an extensive career in automotive, aerospace, nuclear power engineering and senior management in US, UK, Europe, India and China, Roger is the director and founder of Sabre UK Ltd. Founded in 2007.

With abundant experience as Quality Director, Managing Director in a wide range of global corporations, including GM, Rolls Royce, SKF, ISMT India, Kalyani Group India and Changan Group China, Roger is an experienced professional guiding clients through strategic direction and planning to enter and establish presence in Asian markets.


Development of International trading opportunities comprises one of the most important routes to building a strong economy.

Our International Trade Forum brings together professional advisors and businesses involved in international trading from across the region.

Following a very difficult year in 2020, with Covid 19 lockdowns, Brexit and some of the most challenges we have ever known, the business community is now thinking about the recovery that we can look for over the coming months and years.

For #GBS21 | #BI21.3 we are looking especially at the food and drink sector and the scope for developing export opportunities in different places around the world.

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#BI21.3 CSR Forum

Thursday 20th May | 10:15am

Lead Participant: Barrie Wyatt, nVision Consulting

Barrie has an extensive business background in the public sector and worked at a senior level with organisations such as BP, IBM and Vodafone to create the first professional body for cyber security (the Institute of Information Security Professionals).

For the past eight years he has been supporting charities. Barrie was a Trustees at GAVCA and is a trustee of GRCC.

Barrie is a licensed mentor of the Trusted Charity quality standard and a qualified NLP Practitioner.


Social responsibility in business has never been more in the spotlight than at present.

Covid19 has caused havoc across society and the business community has a pivotal role as employers, commercial drivers and influencers.  Charities and the third sector are businesses themselves and have been no less affected.

How are charities and the Third Sector surviving? How do they see the future and in a time when revenues are limited for everyone,  what does survival involve?

Our CSR Forum will take a look at an overview of the sector, how things are looking for 2021 ad what we need to do as a business community to support the wider society’s needs.

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#BI21.3 Climate Forum

Thursday 20th May | 12:30pm

Lead Participant: Eoin McQuone, Director, Go Climate Positive

Eoin believes that building a profitable, future-proof business nowadays requires a change from the traditional model. It’s all about creating a business that not only makes a profit now but that is set up to continue to grow and flourish in a world of climate change and increasingly scarce resources.

He launched “Go Climate Positive” in February 2020 to make it easier for businesses to understand and reduce their carbon footprint with the ultimate aim of becoming Climate Positive.


Gloucestershire and the South West region are home to some of the largest and most influential energy generation and distribution businesses in Europe.

Our Climate Forum brings a discussion together with leaders and decision makers in the sector who share a common interest in seeing how this important area for everyone evolves moving forward.

We have a diverse and innovative culture of small and medium sized businesses that both generate renewable and sustainable energy, distribute across micro networks and also invest heavily in renewables, carbon capture and energy efficiency.

We’re looking forward to a very engaging discussion as things start looking beyond the Covid pandemic and preparing for the future for business with Climate change becoming the planet’s number one threat.

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#BI21.3 Diversity and Inclusion Forum

Thursday 20th May | 12:45pm

Lead Participant: Tony Solomon – Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

With over 25 years’ experience in senior financial services marketing roles, Tony now devotes his time to the not-for-profit sector. An Opportunity Hunter with the GEM Project, Tony believes everybody deserves the opportunity to engage in meaningful work.

He is relishing the challenge of helping employers in Gloucestershire to recognise and realise the benefits of embedding a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Tony is also chair of St Michaels Cornerstone Trust and a director and trustee of Fresh Hope.


Diversity in the workplace can be very beneficial for all. The greater your mix of people brings experience and creativity to boost innovation and performance.  The benefits of diversity however cannot be achieved without an inclusive working environment.

We will be looking at what it takes for a business to fully embrace diversity and inclusive culture.

We will be considering how SMEs can create and implement a successful plan for diversity & inclusion, hearing success stories and unpacking some of the challenges

Employment on merit or positive discrimination? What part does personal cultural experience of owners and decision makers play?

We discuss these following a pandemic year and look at a recovery that allows us to take a fresh look at the future so that we ‘build back better’ together.