Areas at the GBS representing key business attributes

Presented by teams of experts and professionals, these physical areas of the Gloucestershire Business Show provide information, advice, workshops, and exercises around key business attributes such as training, finance, and technology.


Food & Farming Zone

The #GBS18 food & farming zone brings together over 40 growers, producers, distributors, training providers and business support services who contribute to the growing Gloucestershire food & farming economy.

Theatre Kitchen, think Local, buy local and some exciting developments in Agri-Tech are all on the agenda along with event programme content, cooking demos and tastings.


Information Security Zone

The information Zone at #GBS18 brings together some of the leading professionals and businesses in the digital security sector. Collaborating over recent months, they have created an accessible space that will provide general and specialised advice from private and public-sector teams in a friendly and professional environment.


The Creative Suite

#GBS18 Creative Suite will be running its programme to explore and develop the relationship between business and the arts. Both are fundamental to the existence of the other, though neither are good at recognising the other. Join the conversation about how this can work better.