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Areas at the GBS representing key business attributes

Presented by teams of experts and professionals, these physical areas of the Gloucestershire Business Show provide information, advice, workshops, and exercises around key business attributes such as training, finance, and technology.


Food & Farming Zone

The #GBS18 food & farming zone brings together over 40 growers, producers, distributors, training providers and business support services who contribute to the growing Gloucestershire food & farming economy.

Theatre Kitchen, think Local, buy local and some exciting developments in Agri-Tech are all on the agenda along with event programme content, cooking demos and tastings.


#GBS18 Food and farming zone is sponsored be Fosters event catering who are presenting a Theatre Kitchen that will be in use over the two days to feature Gloucestershire chefs using Gloucestershire produce to demonstrate and sample some fantastic Cuisine.

The association of Gloucestershire Business Groups are launching “Think Local – Buy Local” a campaign to get public and private sector organisations to prioritise local procurement of food and produce as a norm and on a day to day basis.  Experience and case study elsewhere shows that the impact this can have on the local economy is huge and in a time when our focus is on productivity, growing the UK economy, providing local jobs and driving export rather than imports, this is a simple initiative, supported by the county’s political leaders that can singularly make a remarkable and legacy impact.

We will be looking at Agri-Tech in the #GBS18 food & Farming zone, with the anticipated launch of an augmented reality product to support food provenance and the impact technology is having on the farming sector and its role in retaining the younger millennial generation in the sector as well as improving productivity and helping to make the sector in general and food security specifically sustainable in the 21stCentury.

The Event programme is developing content around young people, food provenance, skills shortages, field to fork technology, demonstrations and sampling, export opportunities and more.


Information Security Zone

The information Zone at #GBS18 brings together some of the leading professionals and businesses in the digital security sector. Collaborating over recent months, they have created an accessible space that will provide general and specialised advice from private and public-sector teams in a friendly and professional environment.


The Information Security Zone at #GBS18 is sponsored by The Police & Crime Commissioners office for Gloucestershire and supported, planned and delivered by a diverse range of businesses and public sector organisations to create a space that is informative, educational, engaging and addresses the many and growing challenges that 21st Century digital communications present in terms of skill shortages, the threat landscape, the legislative environment and the balance of efficient communication with interpersonal relationships that modern business society faces.

#GBS18 exhibitors operating in the information Security Space are gathered in a collaborative space where they can present their capabilities, advise on difficult topics and provide a balanced view on the sector.

As well as the exhibitor’s own spaces, the Information Security Zone will have five focus areas with space dedicated to each:

1. Advice for sole trader, micro and SME businesses with really practical advice on what does and doesn’t constitute real risk and the simple, cost effective and often free steps that can be taken to maintain security and professional integrity in manging you own, your clients and your supplier’s data.

2. Social Engineering advice.  One of the key devices used by criminals and attackers is social engineering and psychology.

Understanding how individuals, teams, current and ex-employees, job applicants and others behave and think gives criminals the tools to mine information through direct approach, form filling, social media, friends, interests, internet searches and open source information.   We’ll be looking at the awareness of how this works and the simple steps you can take as an individual, an employer, a client or a supplier to minimise access to this information for those who will misuse it.

3. Hands on and demonstration – password testing, demos on how hacking and phishing mails actually work from the criminal’s perspective and a chance to try your own hand at hacking a series of scenarios.

By having a basic awareness of how hacks and vulnerabilities work, you’ll have a better chance of spotting weaknesses in your own systems and security and doing something about it!

4. The real costs and impact to businesses following a security breach

Costs of downtime, resilience, data Back up options, staff and working environment back-ups, insurance, emergency response, forensic examinations, penetration testing, GDPR and other legislative liabilities.

This is an area for the SME businesses that are a bit larger and have staff and a corporate structure to support and protect, or businesses that are managing specialised and secure client or supplier data or for who downtime in the event of a security breach is measured in a high cost per minute.

The Space is supported impartially by all our exhibitors in their specialised roles and is designed to be an opportunity to discuss your business position with experts from private and public sector with highly specialised experience in their subjects, protecting all levels of SME, corporate and multinational private business as well as government and critical national infrastructure projects.

5. Our Clinic space will provide a highly informal opportunity to “sit down and have a chat” at whatever level you’re involved and around whatever it is that is on your mind in understanding the physical ad digital security around your business, how to protect it and how to grow new business in a secure way.

The Clinic will have access to private meeting spaces – if your questions are sensitive, then just ask.  Our ambassadors who will man the clinic table will be able to bring into the conversations any of the professionals involved in supporting the zone and from GDPR issues through concern that you’ve been breached to planning for new networks, concern about costs, finding the right skills, getting the right qualification marks, or simple advice around legal matters, the right software, discussing rumours about what is and isn’t risk, exploring insurance options or what makes your website secure…..  it all there, just join us for a cup of coffee in a relaxed space and tell us what’s on your mind.

The Gloucestershire Business Show is an event platform.  We rely completely on the businesses and organisations who gather together to plan and deliver the zones for us.  For #GBS18 we would like to acknowledge the invaluable planning and support that makes it possible from:

Gloucestershire Police & Crime Commissioners Office, Gloucestershire Constabulary, South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, National Cyber Security Centre, BPE Solicitors, DPS Cyber Security, Raw-IT, Federation of Small businesses Techop XQ Cyber, Borwell, CFMS Ltd, Bluefin Insurance, Cyber Security Challenge, National Cyber Skills Centre, Logically Secure, System Force IT, CLK Media


The Creative Suite

#GBS18 Creative Suite will be running its programme to explore and develop the relationship between business and the arts. Both are fundamental to the existence of the other, though neither are good at recognising the other. Join the conversation about how this can work better.


Can you teach the creative thinking needed to develop innovation in business?  Should innovation and business creativity be a process or a culture?

However you look at it, businesses completely rely on creative thing day to day to innovate and grow.  The decision to be in business on day one relied on a creative and innovative thought, we use logos, brand design and even the chairs we sit on and desks we work at were designed by someone.  The creative arts feed all of these areas and businesses need designers and artists to move forward day to day.  So how does business support and develop the creative arts in order to ensure that the creative pipeline is flowing to give it the edge it needs to stand out?

The Creative and performing arts are not always natural businesses.  Creating artistic work rarely if ever can be framed as a reliable business proposition and the normal “rules” of business development and risk management are not part of the dialogue.  If they were, then most creative and artistic thinking would be suppressed before it got going.  If you are a performer or artist who is earning a living in that role, how does the Profit and Loss account interact with your creative flow?  Does it work? Should it be better?

In a world where productivity is low, markets are changing, and technology is having a huge effect on communications, there’s never been a more crucial time to balance science and technology with the creative arts.  Both are critical and business innovation only happens when the two come together.

Teaching and supporting the creative arts is therefore essential – from the earliest educational years, through all levels of education and supporting amateur, semi-professional and professional arts across all the arts disciplines.

So, can you teach creative thinking?  Can you innovate new business without it?  Join the conversation in the Creative suite.  Whether you’re a business who needs creative thinking to innovate and grow or whether you’re a struggling artist who is trying to make a living…  we want to hear your voice (and get your creative ideas!)