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Top Tips

  • Don’t try to do everything!
  • Check out the Event Programme and focus on what you will find useful
  • Allow the time you need to meet old colleagues and new contacts
  • Use the #SGBS21 or #GBS21 to arrange meetings with clients and suppliers
  • Use the Wi-Fi and work spaces to be based at The Centaur
  • Prepare great questions for the events you attend – get yourself noticed
  • Join the conversation – engage with our speakers
  • Book into one or both breakfasts and make the most of the day


The Gloucestershire Business show was first suggested in 2012 with the worst recession in recent history sharp in the memory. Businesses, public, private and third sector organisations were reeling and trying to understand a very volatile landscape.

The idea formed within a group of Gloucestershire’s business people and key professional bodies that a communication tool was needed to allow the business community to have a voice. We also enable the county’s strategic business organisations to communicate key information in an engaging and relevant way.

The event model more usually found in the arts festival world was worked on with “business in Gloucestershire” as the genre to be at the centre. In line with that model, it’s a multi-day event with the core emphasis on an event programme that develops each year across the two days to examine and promote the key issues that matter. There are regular items that will be with us, there are new and current discussion topics and there are the strategic “think pieces” that present a chance for the business community to have their voice and help shape the county’s future.

It’s all set in an exhibition environment where business can present products and services and working to develop a healthy and collaborative approach. It will bring investment into the county and keep as much procurement as possible within the county boundary.


  • Engage with the decision makers
  • Speak directly to businesses
  • Attend our event programme
  • Find out about LIVEtalk, PANELtalk and WORKshop events
  • Get your voice heard in the Gloucestershire business community
  • Hear the current thinking from Gloucestershire’s business leaders
  • Get some 1:1 thinking and advice around the challenges you’re facing as a business
  • Meet new people, think new thoughts, do new things

There are 3 principle demographics:

Cross Scale of business

From pre-start up & micro through small, medium & large SME to corporate and multinational businesses. Some in the exhibition, some in the sector-specific zones as sponsors and partners and others contributing to the event programme.

Across business sectors

We aim to get the best possible spread across the sectors of business in the county.

Some are more used to the business show format than others, but we’re working hard to develop each sector and we have ongoing development strategies to keep the show as relevant as possible to every business in the county.

Reaching across Gloucestershire

To reach out to and include businesses across the whole geographic territory of Gloucestershire. There are huge differences to the different parts of the county and the two main population centres will always attract attention, but we work hard with our partners, sponsors and exhibitors to keep a strong engagement across the full territory.

So who should be at the show?

If you have any interest at all in Gloucestershire business and how the community works and develops, then you should.

Whether you will benefit from sponsoring, exhibiting, or just joining us as a visitor, you will find a vast wealth of information, business opportunities and scope for business support and development.

Any business who is interested in forming new collaborative relationships, developing business in Gloucestershire, learning and growing and exploring the rich variety of businesses in the area.

If you are a micro or start up business, an international corporation or an SME – GBS has something for you.

If there are barriers to your business development – technology, experience, knowledge, staff, financial, other – there will be someone with the advice.

Passionate about issues facing business growth? Worried about new legislation? Want to understand funding options and gain top tips to accessing finance? GBS has experts presenting interactive workshops and who are available to talk to.

Want to work with another business to expand your service provision? Visit the numerous stands and network with visitors to make those important connections.

Make new connections:
  • Think new thoughts

The LIVEtalk event programme

Food & Farming Zone

Information Security Zone

The Creative Suite