International Trade

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With eyes turned firmly towards a trading landscape post-Brexit we are at the forefront of exploring the opportunities that lie ahead and delivering the expertise our businesses need. If your business has any ambition in exploring future foreign trade deals, don’t miss the programme of events we have linked to International Trade across both show days.

Many businesses might feel daunted at the prospect of arranging trade with Asia but at this year’s GBS we hope our combination of VIP guests and resident experts will be able to answer many of your questions and concerns. China, Taiwan and India will all be sending official delegations to the show to present the potential opportunities that exist within specialist sectors. All three regions have growing tourist industries and are experiencing particular interest at the top end of the travel market. Craft drinks and food products with provenance and stand-out taste are always on the shopping list. Partnerships in agriculture and farming are also of interest to countries looking to share expertise and knowledge.

In Gloucestershire we have many best-in-class food and drink products and together with our expert advisors, the show is the perfect place to make your first inroads into partnering with the Asian markets.