The #GBS18 Gloucestershire Business Games

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What can the business leaders of today learn from the up-and-coming talent of tomorrow? Test your skills across a range of disciplines in the Gloucestershire Business Games. From organisation to financial nous, are you as good as you think you are?

Put together by Young Enterprise in Gloucestershire, learn new approaches to team-building and wellness at work, support young talent and help develop the leaders of the future.

The business leaders of the future are throwing down the gauntlet to all attendees to this year’s Show, with tasks and challenges that test the core skills the Young Enterprise programme teaches its students. As well as participation across a whole gamut of challenges, there’ll be the opportunity to glean ideas to enhance teamwork, productivity and development in your organisation. Among the ideas on show will be:

Walk up & Play

These are a range of activities, free to engage with and on offer at our events that will be fun, entertaining and enable you to get some great ideas for developing simple team building, health and well-being at work and personal fitness.

Building Teams & Meeting Businesses

Simple team games with a small charge for entering a corporate team. The objectives are around team building, fitness and interpersonal skills within your own business and by entering the championship competitions, your team will meet and compete with other businesses giving great opportunities for networking and rela onship development between businesses. Why not invite your supply chain and/or clients to enter teams and see who wins?

Design, Build & Race

This is a more serious challenge to design, build and race a pedal car. Aimed at apprentices, engineers, enthusiastic and athletic staff as well as marketing, PR and other teams to design and build a pedal car to a specification we provide and then pit it against other businesses. with winners for speed, innovation and style, this is a great way to engage some really innovative thinking.

The aim is to use the games to engage with people in the business community attending the show, to provide them with insight into them the process the students go through.Throughout the show, student volunteers from Spirax Sarco will assist in running the games and will be happy to talk from experience about how they have proactively applied these skills.