“Can you teach creativity?”

Mailer, News

“Can you teach creativity” was a question that was posted to a panel of business people recently in a conference that was exploring innovation in business. Just how do you first inspire, capture and then process the innovative ideas and thinking that are an essential part in developing new businesses themselves and also great new ideas as businesses look to grow and embrace new territory.

The arts play an essential part in developing that innovative thinking. Whether we look at creative arts as a core business across the business supply chain in design, presentation and graphics, or at businesses engaged in the performing, creative and fine arts themselves that are so essential for a healthy and holistic society.

The STEM (science technology, engineering and maths) subjects are essential to business as it moves forward, but without creative thinking, they are a technical path to delivering a robust solution.  When we add in creativity and the arts, we rapidly move stem thinking into innovation and exciting business development and that is when we see optimum business development and growth.

So, can you teach creativity? What is innovation culture and innovation process and what part do the creative and performing arts play in business?

This is what our creative suite is all about at #GBS18.  Views are passionately held and passionately expressed. We would like you to join the conversation, tell us what you think and hear some fascinating thinking about how business, the creative and performing arts and innovation sit together and are an essential part of productivity and business development.