The LIVEtalk Stage

Hosted in the main exhibition space, our LIVEtalk stage is a fast-moving space that hosts some of the exciting and engaging content brought to us be Gloucestershire’s business community.

With discussion panels, interviews, short talks and great stories, the events can be booked via our Eventbrite page, or just stop by and tune in to the presentations as they are happening.


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Motivating a generation – Young People and Business

Oliver Bruce – Pinpoint Media

2020 South West Young Entrepreneur of the year Oliver aged 26 founded PinPointMedia 7 years ago which has since become the Counties largest independent production company for film and animation. Oliver writes for the Great British Entrepreneur Magazine as well as invests in commercial property.


Tom Eddolls – Macro Meals UK

Laurence Bellamy – CAB Studios

Miles Wallace – The Mortgage Branch

Ed Hollands – Driven Media

Our business community is a core driver of society.  It will reflect the world we live in and never has it been more the case than now that it needs to look to the future in an innovative, positive, ethical and open way. Join our panel discussion to help our community to understand this better.

Although widely managed by those well into their working life, the business and entrepreneurial community must attract and reflect the values of those who will shape the future, bringing fresh thinking, innovative ideas into play.  We must also see social and ethical values develop strong and thriving roots to support our wider society’s needs.

Oliver Bruce of PinPoint Media chairs a discussion about how we best shape our business communities and ensure that young people look to a career in business, innovation and entrepreneurial opportunity is an attractive proposition in today’s fast changing world.


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Receiving Client Feedback – opportunities for development and growth

We explore why collecting client feedback both internally and externally is key for business development and growth.

We see our business, services and products from our own unique point of view, our clients both internally and externally have a very different view. In order to develop and grow as a business, understanding our client’s perspective is vital, particularly in the area of suggested improvements. The more we understand alternative views, the more information we have at our hands to enable us to grow our business. We will discuss the mindset behind this and offer suggestions about how to go out and collect this information on both a small scale and a large scale. Bring your questions and suggestions!