The LIVEtalk Forums

Our popular LIVEtalk Forum series just gets stronger with every show and makes a real contribution to the business life of the county. 

We have Eight Forum discussions which cover key sectors and areas of business, details can be found in the festival Line-up.

A Boardroom table style discussion chaired by an expert in the sector and with a number of sector professionals around the table, this is an accessible discussion around some of the thorny and developmental issues managed by the chair and to a prepared agenda. The discussion is notated and forms a benchmark of where the discussion has got to.

There are an additional 20 seats in the room which can be booked via our Eventbrite page for an audience who have an interest in the forum. The Chair of each forum will draw the audience, taking questions from the floor.


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Gloucestershire Business Groups Forum

The Gloucestershire Business Groups Leaders Forum brings together those who lead business groups across the county to discuss how they can work together and support their members in motivation, innovation, training and co-working among other important areas.


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Corporate Social responsibility Forum

Business Purpose Beyond Profit: The Corporate Social Responsibility Forum Customer, staff and shareholder expectations are on the rise. More and more companies are being held accountable by stakeholders to operate with care for society and the environment – but where do you start?

Join us to find out.


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Gloucestershire Procurement Forum

Developing an SME business is always a challenge.  Engaging with target businesses, getting to the right decision takers is tough enough. However, this is often the start.

This forum allows an open discussion for guidance and advice as to what many businesses consider when selecting and maintaining suppliers.


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Gloucestershire Property Professionals

Housing, Commercial, rail & Infrastructure. Domestic, business, leisure, tourism and travel put demands on Gloucestershire’s property infrastructure. Our Forum for Gloucestershire Property Professionals discusses how well we currently provide for these, as well as how we should provide in the future.


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Gloucestershire Energy Forum

Gloucestershire and the South West region are home to some of the largest and most influential energy generation and distribution businesses in Europe.

Our Gloucestershire Energy Forum brings a discussion together with leaders and decision makers working in the sector who share a common interest in seeing how this important area for everyone evolves moving forward.


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Gloucestershire Engineering & Manufacturing Forum

Our Engineering and Manufacturing forum builds on the forum series that has developed over recent years.  Phil Coley brings together a number of significant Gloucestershire businesses as well as some smaller SME businesses to explore the challenges and opportunities that the sector faces.


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Gloucestershire International Trade Forum

Development of International trading opportunities comprises one of the most important routes to building a strong economy in the county.

Our International Trade Forum brings together professional advisors in the area with businesses who have experience in import & export and businesses who are looking to grow their business internationally either from scratch or developing on existing business.