The Headline Speakers

Our Headline Speaker Venue is where our keynote speaker items are held. 

A theatre seated venue, we schedule some of the most important items to be affecting the Business Community at the current time. Events can be booked via our Eventbrite Page.


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Gloucestershire – a Growth County for Tech Innovation

Gloucestershire has a fast growth Tech Sector that will see some great opportunities for business, employment, skills and growth develop in the coming years.

Driven primarily by CYBER-tech, we also have a thriving AGRI-tech sector with great innovation and business ideas evolving.

So with Tech sector skills building in the county, how can we make the most of AGRI-tech, FIN-tech and MED-tech as well?  What’s to stop Gloucestershire being a major driving force in all the up and coming UK Tech innovation?

Hartpury University and College will lead a discussion with participants from all four major tech sectors, looking at how and why we’re becoming a leader in some and how we can foster new business growth in others.


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Thinking about Brand………. Some Real Life Journeys

So what goes into thinking about your brand?  How do you start the process, what does the journey look like and how do you make certain that the end product is really going to add value to your business?

Lex Beckett of Squashed Robot Films is joined by Neil Morgan who is coordinating our 2020 thinking about brand, Neil stone from Smart Survey and Gloucestershire business people who have recently been on this journey to find out how it worked, what they learnt in the process and whether the end result was what they were expecting.

We all have a brand, it’s value and how people view it is critical to how we move forward.  Our Town, our county also and it all has a huge effect on our businesses and the opportunities we have.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the discussion and understanding better how with think about Brand.


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Andy Lewis MBE, Paralympian – The Story So Far

Written off by his teachers Andy left school in 1999 to join the Army, a dream that was dashed after his motorcycle crashed with a 38 tonne lorry. His right leg was severely damaged and after living with the pain for six years he made the difficult decision to have it amputated.

There started a long journey living with anxiety & depression, overcoming many challenges and eventually winning a Gold medal at 2016 Rio Olympics and an MBE to recognise his achievements.

Join Andy to hear the story so far and how his experience can impact businesses and business practice across Gloucestershire and beyond


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Gender and Business – Balanced Thinking

From the boardroom to the shop floor and taking in the whole workforce, where are we with gender balance?

What difference would you see in your business if the gender balance was 50/50?  From decision taking and policy through culture and productivity, how does gender balance affect your business?

Is having a gender balanced workplace just good in principle or can we use it to do better business?

Our panel take a look at this, the reasons why gender balance should be taken seriously and how we get business to a better place in 2020 and Beyond.


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FIN-Tech – a Growing Sector – How Can Gloucestershire Get Involved

FinTech is a fast-growing sector.  There Questions around the future of cash, challenger banks, transparency of transactions and the opportunities offered by banking that is fully integrated with digital capability.

Gloucestershire has a thriving and growing Tech capability, so how can we grow that to Embrace Fintech?

A panel of Tech businesses look at the opportunities and how Gloucestershire Businesses can get involved in the FIN-tech sector


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Emotional Intelligence and Social Media – Your Digital Emotional Quotient (DEQ)

We explore how our minds work and what Digital Emotional Intelligence looks like in 3 key areas – posting, responding and protecting. Social Media is a double-edged sword we need to be able to handle with skill.

Social Media, love it or hate, we can’t live without it in business these days. Developing Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEQ) allows us to leverage it to our benefit for business and protect ourselves, our employees and our productivity from the more harmful aspects that can damage our mental health. In this talk we will explore how our minds work and the impact this has on three key areas: what to post to engage the most people, how to respond when we feel challenged and how to protect ourselves effectively.


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FIN-tech – A growing Sector – Openbank and Cloud Finance for every business

Is your business making the most of the FIN-tech, digital and challenger banking opportunities?

From cost effective business, through transparency and flexible cash management to digital accounting and workflow, there are huge benefits for every business.

Our panel will discuss the benefits available for every business to be better informed, manage costs and track business in a better and more integrated way