Our Spaces at The South Gloucestershire Business Show

LIVEtalk Stage, Headline Speakers, LIVEtalk Forums, Workshops, The Business Games, The Exhibition, Exhibitors Lounge and places to relax and meet – The Gloucestershire Business Show is packed full of spaces where you can meet experts, learn network, think new thoughts, make new contacts and improve your business world.

Spaces at The South Gloucestershire Business Show

Places where visitors can learn, contribute, build relationships, meet new contacts, think new thoughts.

Explore the show and develop your business.

LIVEtalk stage

The LIVEtalk stage is a place in the heart of the show where speakers and panels can discuss the subjects that make a difference. Some controversial, some educational, all invaluable as a way of engaging with the business community, hearing the important stuff, having your voice, building relationships and knowledge.

Exhibition space

The Exhibition Space offers space with shell scheme and space only and from 2m x 1m through 4m x 3m and larger. Exhibitors have the use of The Exhibitors Lounge with complimentary refreshments to find some quiet meeting and working space for their own staff and guests. GBS is a festival event model where building relationships is key and business development relies on personal engagement. We believe that people want to buy…. Not to be sold to!

Event programme venues

The festival line up is key to why The Business Show exists. The Headline speaker venue, the workshop venue, the LIVEtalk Forums and the LIVEtalk Stage all build a compelling picture of the County’s Business agenda. We want you to have your voice, we want you to hear the important stuff. Come and engage, find new ideas, tell people what’s on your mind and most importantly – be part of the conversation.