The Headline Speakers

Our Headline Speaker Venue is where our keynote speaker items are held. 

A theatre seated venue, we schedule some of the most important items to be affecting the Business Community at the current time. Events can be booked via our Eventbrite Page.


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ENOY IT – 5 Stages to Succession and Exit Planning

Most people go into business to build value for their future yet more than half do not develop a strategic plan for extracting the value they are building and more tragically 40% will exit their business because of circumstances outside their control.  Christine helps business founders Identify, Protect and Maximise their business value so they can make the most of their life’s work and have the retirement they deserve – whichever way they want to exit their business.

The average age of business owners in the UK is 49 and more than 80% have no plan for retirement or contingency plan for unexpected events.  This risks the biggest transfer of wealth between generations the world has ever seen and will have a significant impact on all generations, employees and business owners alike.

No one wants their business to just fade away, so Christine presents five action points to make sure that doesn’t happen to you and your business.

Christine Nicholson

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Growing Your Export Markets Post Brexit

Trade expert and keynote speaker Marcus Broix explains the effects of Brexit on small and medium sized companies. He advises on hands-on solutions for the most frictionless trade with the EU 27 states and farther afield.

Don’t let trade barriers affect your business! Find out how you can proactively bypass (most of) them. Including a Q&A session for your specific queries.

Marcus Broix