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#BI21.1 International Trade Forum

Tuesday 19th January | 10:30am

Roger Mackrill – Director, Sabre UK Ltd

Following an extensive career in automotive, aerospace, nuclear power engineering and senior management in US, UK, Europe, India and China, Roger is the director and founder of Sabre UK Ltd. Founded in 2007.

With abundant experience as Quality Director, Managing Director in a wide range of global corporations, including GM, Rolls Royce, SKF, ISMT India, Kalyani Group India and Changan Group China, Roger is an experienced professional guiding clients through strategic direction and planning to enter and establish presence in Asian markets.

Development of International trading opportunities comprises one of the most important routes to building a strong economy in any county.

Our International Trade Forum brings together professional advisors and businesses involved in international trading from across different countries and continents.

Understanding culture, language, protocol and local custom is vitally important to developing lasting international trade relationships and our forums discuss, help understand and underpin trading relationships that will build on opportunities to do business across boundaries.

An agenda based discussion between international trade professionals, we also invite other interested business people to join and help explore how we can grow this important area.

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#BI21.1 Employment & Skills Forum

Wednesday 20th January | 10:30am

Steve passionately feels that employers and job seekers suffer from a lack of knowledge about how recruitment works.  Jobseekers are not taught how to find a job and employers are not taught how to find a new employee, it’s amazing anyone gets hired!

A recruitment professional with 2 successful recruitment business,  a member of REC – the Recruitment Federation and an Enterprise Advisor, Steve uses his experience and knowledge to help give employers and job seekers the knowledge they need to find each other

Employment and Skills in business are crucial areas of thinking on a national or international level.  Understanding that businesses across the globe face similar issues and looking at how the different countries and cultures are thinking about it is important as we think about the sector.

In a Globally connected age, with digital communications we can look beyond national boundaries for businesses to fill skills gaps and for candidates to build careers.  Brexit in the UK and international political thinking is constantly changing the employment landscape for both employers and candidates.

Our international Employment forum, thinks about opportunities for businesses and job seekers and how we can look beyond the normal boundaries we think about

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Procurement Forum

Thursday 19th November | 1:30pm

Procurement processes can account for over two thirds of spend for a Company. Understanding the process and how to access supply chains can be a significant lead to revenue streams for businesses who have goods and services that apply to a sector.

Private sector procurement and public sector procurement are both good roots to regular and stable sales revenue, but they carry and overhead cost in time and resource to pursue, so the decision to commit to procurement processes can be a difficult one.

Local authorities are keener to buy locally and support the local economy, public and private sectors are increasingly aware of the climate implications and the PR implications of better supporting employment, skills and the economy locally and regionally

So how do we engage a system and allow micro and SME businesses to efficiently and effectively procure from significant businesses and how do we encourage buyers and procurement officers to take their local SME market seriously, keeping a higher proportion of their spend local?

In a very challenging year, we’ll be looing at the risks and solutions around Covid and also the huge Gloucestershire opportunity that the Golden Valley development brings.

The Discussion is held on the Zoom Digital Platform with our Chair and formal delegates at “The Boardroom Table”.

We also publish 20 Observer registrations on our Eventbrite page and those will be able to be booked on a first come, first served basis. Observers will not be engaged in the core discussion and will for the most part be muted during the discussion. Questions will be able to be posted in the Zoom Chat Box though and through the meeting there will be specific points at which the meeting will be opened up and observers will be invited to make comments or asked questions.

If you have any questions for the Panel prior to the event, you can email them to (please quote the Event title in your email).