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#BI21.4 International Trade – Logistics & Distribution

Wednesday 9th June | 9:45am

Lead Participant: Chair: David Trevelyan, Sustain You

David believes that responsible business is about meeting the values that you and society expects that address the goals of fairness, honesty and sustainable development.

His Business, Sustain You, founded in 2017,  is a unique consultancy specialising in CSR, Sustainability and Information Security. Our commitment to responsible business drives our focus on challenging existing business models and delivering long term measurable change.


As Businesses look beyond the Pandemic and Brexit, there is a re-start that brings unique opportunities, explores new markets, and innovates.

International trade can be an important part of business development, a valuable contribution to the national position.

Where does the environment and climate fit in?  Are internationally traded goods essential core products, or for luxury markets?  How are we moving them?

Does our Logistic Infrastructure support environmental thinking as we address the climate emergency and are “Just in time” supply chains a good way forward or part of a problem?

Our panel of International trade, Logistics and environmental businesspeople look at the balance between local procurement and the environmental impact.

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#BI21.4 Mental Health – An international Problem?

Wednesday 9th June | 10:30am

Lead Participant: Kay Hamblin – Director, Eight Legal

Kay developed a fascination with people dynamics during her years as a practicing vet. As part of Eight Legal, she has been supporting businesses with HR & people development for about ten years.

She received her Master’s in Business & Organisational Psychology from the University of Liverpool in 2019, and combines this expertise with HR experience to help businesses get the best out of their people. She has a particular interest in resilience, self-efficacy and Mindsets and how these relate to workplace well-being and engagement.


Mental health, well-being, values and ethics are all major business discussions, but how do they Translate across different nations and cultures?

Ethical workplaces go beyond compliance to create a healthy, happy workforce, but it needs to be more than a few nice ‘extras’ like fresh fruit and yoga. What are the fundamentals you need to address to ensure your people are positive and engaged? How do the values and culture of different businesses and on different continents impact on the well-being of staff teams? Where do the responsibilities of an employer end, what about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic? And What how can Micro businesses and sole traders promote with mental health?

An international discussion amongst those looking at understanding the challenges going forward.

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#BI21.4 Question Storming – How can a community truly effect change to fight the climate crisis?

Wednesday 9th June | 14:30pm

Lead Participant: Sandra Baer, CEO, Personal Cities

Sandra Baer is the CEO of Personal Cities based in Washington DC

She is focused on building trusted relationships, creating new collaborations, and uncovering the skills to navigate bigger, bolder city transformations. Personal Cities works to inspire cities to make better, faster decisions around innovation, to enrich and improve their identity and to create a sense of belonging in every community.


“How can a community truly effect change to fight the climate crisis?”

There is a climate emergency;  little question that we are on a trajectory that will, in the next decade, create an environmental disaster impacting the entire planet

Whose problem is it? Governments, at all levels, must take a lead; and individuals, educators to non-profit and  civic leaders to innovators and entrepreneurs will drive action from the ground up.

Business has an essential role to play; catalysing behaviour change by influencing stakeholders and helping governments bridge the gap between policy and action.

Question Storming is a unique process designed to tackle complex issues, we encourage you to think beyond traditional approaches to let go of your “muscle memory” to find new solutions.. By design, you may only ask questions ,”peeling the onion”  to see the issue through the lens of others and discover new paths to a safer, healthier planet.

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#BI21.4 Environmental Innovation – Global Collaboration Global opportunities

Thursday 20th May | 14:30pm

Lead Participant: Zoe Darlington, Owner, Pure Improvement

Zoe helps engineering and manufacturing leaders shift from high waste and inefficiency to green & lean in 6 months, embedding sustainability that saves time and money.

She believes that businesses that do good – do good business.

Zoe has over 20 years Continuous Improvement, Quality Improvement and Change Management experience, within the electronics, engineering, aerospace, defence & FMCG sectors. She has a proven track record for delivering cost saving Continuous Improvement and waste reduction.


With the Pandemic still with us, but a sense that we’re able to see the way forward for the global business community, our focus is recentring on the Climate Emergency.

Across sectors, we see an awareness of the need to put environmental issues front and centre of our business development thinking.  This brings with it opportunity and new ways of thinking as Innovation and innovative ideas become a significant part of how we tackle it.

There are international opportunities built in, innovative thinking is coming from different continents, and our ability to communicate and collaborate globally is an asset as we chart the way forward.

Our discussion brings together a panel of innovators and business leaders in innovation to look at some great ideas and how we can apply them on a global basis.

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#BI21.4 International Trade Q&A

Thursday 10th June | 14:30pm

Lead Participant: Roger Mackrill, Sabre UK Ltd

Following an extensive career in automotive, aerospace, nuclear power engineering and senior management in US, UK, Europe, India and China, Roger is the director and founder of Sabre UK Ltd. Founded in 2007.

With abundant experience as Quality Director, Managing Director in a wide range of global corporations, including GM, Rolls Royce, SKF, ISMT India, Kalyani Group India and Changan Group China, Roger is an experienced professional guiding clients through strategic direction and planning to enter and establish presence in Asian markets


Following our International Trade Forum discussion, we bring together a number of international specialists to take questions around building business development though trading internationally.

Brexit has created both opportunity and vulnerabilities, the current pandemic has exponentially increased the use of online communications that have made it so much easier to reach out internationally and build new business relationships.

Culture, language and the simple interpretation or brand, graphics and body language are all areas of discussion and our panel will be looking to understand business concerns and uncertainties around how to build new international business.