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Business & The Creative Arts – How Does the Jigsaw Work?

Wednesday 3rd March | 10:30am

Si Ellis, Ellis James Creative

Si started EllisJames in 2002, and continues his mission to deliver Design Thinking and Doing as a daily business essential. The creative process is relevant to all and incredibly powerful for everyone throughout an organisation to improve clarity of vision, engagement, differentiation and brand strength.

Si is committed to developing close links with schools to improve the quality of design education and understanding as a problem-solving mindset and a creative discipline, driving innovation and entrepreneurship in young, inspired minds.

Where would Business be without the creative arts?  Culture, design, brand, mental health and the very environment in which we live and work.

Innovation depends creative thinking,  designing processes, building brand, improving productivity all require creativity to move things forward.

Can we teach creativity?  How do the creative arts impact businesses and how can business ensure that a culture of creativity is embedded to allow innovation and fresh thinking?

The place we locate our business and base our staff is a further extension of how the arts impact business.  Culture, performing and fine arts build a balanced lifestyle so important to mental health.

So how does the jigsaw work?  We bring together a panel of business and arts professionals to explore a fundamental and often misunderstood relationship.

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Thinking about Brand – Strategy in a pandemic

Wednesday 3rd March | 1:00pm

Details to follow

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Solution Storming – “Reimagining our High Streets – How can we think differently about the social, economic and community challenges?”

Wednesday 3rd March | 4:30pm

“Reimagining our High Streets – How can we think differently about the social, economic and community challenges?”

A facilitated discussion will follow the Question Storming event. We will tackle the most revealing questions and expand the dialogue toward potential solutions.

With complex issues, enduring solutions will require more time, conversation, analysis and work. However we can get some immediate insights, ideas, & innovative solutions that had never come to mind before.

There are no definitive answers about “how” to accomplish effective placemaking; every place is unique. Yet the questions developed from the earlier Question Storming will create new thinking about the drivers and priorities for next steps. Our panel picks up the discussion from the difficult questions and looks for conclusions and recommendations to better create the places we will call home for decades to come.

Chair: Sandra Baer, CEO, Personal Cities

Sandra is the President of Personal Cities, a smart city company dedicated to “imagining the city as it will be.” She works to enrol every stakeholder toward a shared sense of now—toward safe, prosperous, happy communities.

She is a champion of creative collaboration between the public and private sector and has worked with city leaders, worldwide for over 20 years. Through stakeholder engagement, social inclusion and the acceleration of innovative technologies, Sandra inspires coordinated action to make cities smarter.

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Access to Finance – CSR, Third Sector & Funding for Good

Thursday 4th March | 10:30am

Richard Holling, Commercial Finance Advisor, Dales Finance

An experienced business executive with 30 years of business and financial services experience. Richard has worked as a consultant, sales executive and manager for several major international companies.

In 2018 he changed focus and started to work with start-ups and SMEs. In 2019 he formed Berkshire Dales, which offers SMEs advice on getting the right business finance, and other consulting services.

2020 was a tough year for everyone.  Third sector businesses and social enterprises are no exception with unprecedented financial pressure across the economy, high level of redundancy, reduced staffing and wide general uncertainty about how the next 12 and 24 months will workout.

Where has that left The Third Sector, and social enterprises?  In a society where so many services are provided by them, how does the next 12 and 24 month business landscape look for them?

We bring together financial experts who specialise in Third sector with Charities and Social Enterprises for a discussion about what the future looks like as we come out of a pandemic and address the most challenging economic conditions we’ve ever known.

A video conference discussion broadcast to LIVEstream

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Innovation – Ideas and Case Studies – How’s it done?

Thursday 4th March | 1:00pm

Great business ideas sometimes do just happen, but what happens when they don’t? How do you move your business on?

When they do just happen, then how do you take control, move them from a bright idea, to a plan and a funded prototype? How do you iron out the problems, get the funding needed to think about production and finally bring it to market?

Innovating new business ideas involves culture, process, creativity, planning, funding and many more business disciplines. It needs time, resources, and investment.

We take a look at how innovation works through the eyes of some start up businesses, product designers, funders and investors.

Chair: Tom Beasley – CEO, Active Gloucestershire

Tom is an experience multi-disciplinary senior manager with extensive experience at strategic and operation level. Broad specialisms include marketing (online and e-marketing), governance, estates and property, coaching and mentoring, succession planning and innovation. Recent experience of working in the public, private and third sector.