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Climate Change on the International platform

Tuesday 19th January | 10:45am

Eoin McQuone – Director, Go Climate positive


Eoin believes that building a profitable, future-proof business nowadays requires a change from the traditional model. It’s not only about making a profit now, it’s about creating a business that will continue to grow and flourish in a world of climate change and scarce resources.


Eoin started “Go Climate Positive” to help businesses understand and reduce their carbon footprint, ultimately becoming Climate Positive. He’s a sustainability lead on the Cheltenham Economic Recovery Task Force and co-founder of the Gloucestershire Climate Commitment.

Dr John Henry Looney – Director, Sustainable Direction Ltd

Climate Change is the most significant threat facing the planet today.  The Global business community has a leading responsibility to address the impending crisis with investment, operating methodology and management priorities having an overriding effect on society’s ability to engage the problem before we get beyond the point where it is possible to do so.

Every scale of business is involved from the smallest owner managed micro business through to the largest multinational corporations, the issues and decisions are just of a different type.

We bring together a cross section of Business from a range of countries to compare notes, discuss the alternatives and think out loud about how we can accelerate the discussion and planning that will make a difference. 

  1. How engaged is the business community in tackling the big sustainability challenges (climate emergency, ecological emergency, resource scarcity, equality, fairness/social justice).
  2. What has your National government committed to do? How well is it backing this up with policy?
  3. What are your companies required to do on energy efficiency, carbon reduction and environmental or social sustainability by law?
  4. What policy measures are expected in future years?
  5. Are market forces running ahead or behind policy? In what way?
  6. What measures are businesses commonly taking voluntarily?
  7. Is there a different level of activity between markets sectors and/or business size?

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Creating Brand – Cultural Relevance

Tuesday 19th January | 12:30pm

Lex Beckett – Director, Squashed Robot Films

Lex Beckett’s business, Squashed Robot Films is a Films, Photography and Animation agency based in the heart of Cheltenham that has been making great content for businesses across the UK and internationally for a number of years now.  In 2014 he picked up a BAFTA nomination for his work on a short film.

Lex is passionate about producing content which delivers results for their clients – no matter what their sector, industry or market share.

Other participants –

Janina Neumann – Janina Neumann Design

Neil Morgan – Neil Morgan Design

Internationally speaking, our Brand can have unexpected connotations and implications.  We design it as we review our business from our own business perspective and for the culture and markets that we are used to.

But what happens when you project internationally? Do certain words have different meanings?  How is colour perceived subconsciously in different cultures? How do you go about meeting new contacts, what is the norm for saying hello and getting to know people?  Should you expect to fit completely into the culture you’re approaching, or is there a sensible path where you meet in the middle and work on a mutual cultural understanding with your new international prospects?

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Risk & Resilience in International Trading

Tuesday 19th January | 14:30pm

Phil West, Director, Continuity West

Philip developed his unique experience as a trainer with expertise in crisis management as well as major incident and event command during his career as a Police Inspector in England. He has commanded at major events like the G8 conference in Scotland, international football matches in Wales, Glastonbury Music Festival in England as well as numerous spontaneous critical incidents. 

Business Risk & Resilience planning is an important, if sometimes difficult aspect of running a business.

When it comes to resilience planning for international trading, Brexit has created a sharp focus. In 2020 the Covid pandemic became a huge risk area for business and over the last 5 years, the cyber threat landscape has become a well-established, sensitive and significantly under reported factor.

The international trading opportunities have never been greater and SME business in particular have great opportunities to find new markets as we all become familiar with video conferencing.  Our Panel considers the risks specifically around international trade operations and the resilience thinking that can help businesses grow their International trade in a secure and robust way.


He retired in 2010 to form his own company in business continuity and now advises public sector and SME’s on risk and resilience. 

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The Global visitor economy – recovering from a catastrophic year

Wednesday 20th January | 10:00am

Steve is an experienced and highly motivated tourism & hospitality Sales Director with the drive, passion and enthusiasm to inspire and lead others. 

He enjoys leading a sales culture throughout business and is a marketer with experience across design, digital and social platforms in multifaceted environments in local, domestic and international markets. 

Steve describes himself as an Organiser, a team player and a champion for well-being, diversity and inclusivity.

To say that 2020 has been a disastrous year for the visitor economy – wherever you look on the planet – would be an understatement, we all hope that 2021 will bring a way forward and options for recovery that will be very welcome.

But what does that mean? How have the businesses weathered the tough times?  What has changed, what can be recovered and what new thinking has emerged that will bring whole new ways of doing things?

Our panel of professionals involved in the visitor economy from across different countries and continents share their thinking and discuss how the different cultures and communities that have been impacted in very different ways are looking at 2021 and what they are doing to encourage the best recovery they can. 

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Risks in trading – International Cyber Security

Wednesday 20th January | 14:00pm

Following an extensive career in automotive, aerospace, nuclear power engineering and senior management in US, UK, Europe, India and China, Roger is the director and founder of Sabre UK Ltd. Founded in 2007. 

With abundant experience as Quality Director, Managing Director in a wide range of global corporations, including GM, Rolls Royce, SKF, ISMT India, Kalyani Group India and Changan Group China, Roger is an experienced professional guiding clients through strategic direction and planning to enter and establish presence in Asian markets.

As businesses anywhere start thinking about trading internationally, they will engage with unfamiliar cultures, laws, languages and customs.  Who is trustworthy, what are the do’s and don’ts and what should businesses be doing to ensure that their cyber security measures are adequate?

Are there countries where the cyber security threat is greater than others, or is the threat landscape broadly similar in a digitally connected world?

With international banking the backbone of international trade, what can be expected of different banking regimes and will their thinking about online security in the UK stand them in good stead internationally?

These and other questions are discussed with some Cyber Security professionals with experience in different cultures and how the risks translate.

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The Changing Faces of Media

Wednesday 20th January | 16:00pm

Having spent over 25 years in the regional media – 15 of which was as an editor and director at amazing newspaper groups in the Midlands (Tamworth) and the South West (Bath) – Sam became a Development Manager for Britain’s biggest and most successful business representation group the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in March 2013.

Sam works to help and support the thousands of FSB members who run small businesses, are self-employed or have that entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Gloucestershire and the West of England area.

Other Participants:

John Hewitt Jones
Senior Reporter, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

Andrew Merrell
Raikes Journal

Lois Cooper
Journalism Student, University of Gloucestershire

Journalism, the press, and media in general has changed beyond recognition over the last two decades.

The arrival or the digital age with lighting fast communications, social media, fake news, and the move away from hard copy press media has created some real challenges for Journalists looking to get

accurate reporting of important stories out in a relevant and accurate way.

How has this changed the way we absorb business news? And where does the future lie when it comes to independent, reliable, and accurate journalism?

Join us for this international discussion as we look at the changing face of journalism from different parts of the world.